Project Management

Successful projects and programs make a company great, and it is within those projects and programs where real innovation happens.

Having the right professional talent to implement those initiatives gives an organization a competitive advantage. Excellence in managing talent unlocks professional capabilities, resulting in satisfied customers, productive staff members, and an organization that attracts additional top talent. LightGrid invests in its talent and makes talent management a corporate priority.

In addition to Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications and adherence to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), LightGrid is a registered firm to ISO9001:2015 and has staff trained as Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) v3 foundation practitioners.

Innovation Examples

At LightGrid, innovation is part of our culture. We continuously re-examine our methods to stay on the cutting edge and not succumb to the standardization and bureaucratization that can slow down progress. Our management encourages bottom up innovation where new and creative ideas are conceived and adopted by staff members performing their daily jobs. Continual change and improvement can come from the natural percolation of ideas and innovations in an organization that is not forced to adhere to a single standard methodology. Good processes and techniques can regress over time if we don’t continuously try to perfect them. Staff are encouraged and prompted to maintain an innovative mindset and to look at everything they do for customers (and the back office) from a constructive critical perspective with application of lean or agile methodologies.

LightGrid has developed unique Project Management processes to facilitate the conduct of our business, which allows our professional staff to spend more time focusing on customer needs.  We apply risk identification, risk management, configuration management, and schedule management processes to appropriate projects and work with our customers to embrace quality and trim down processes to realize the benefits of agile project management.

LightGrid leadership and staff participate in the public review of new standards and have published patent applications and technical papers describing emerging technologies. We remain current on the technical trends in the commercial sectors relevant to our customers and are subscribers to numerous innovation publications. These include the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, the Center for Data Innovation, the Innovation Forum, the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, and Open Innovation networks such as Innocentive and eZassi that crowd source solutions to hard problems. We have implemented an annual innovation award that brings an innovative idea from ideation, through incubation, to implementation.

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