Cloud Migration Lead, Fort Meade, MD


  • Outlining, developing & executing required work tasks to accomplish project goals.
  • Overseeing creation of integration and verification test plans for new capabilities and migrated COTS/GOTS tools.
  • Identifying and managing related project task dependencies, risks & possible mitigations.
  • Estimation of level of effort (hrs/days/resources) to outline & update a projected project schedule.
  • Supporting requirements specification and definition for the cloud infrastructure and tools.
  • Creating systems engineering documents and diagrams to support the tool migrations
  • Employing exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • Assisting with identifying and supporting external dependencies where needed.
  • Conducting automated unit and system integration tests to identify and feedback failed modules and components
  • Leading and/or supporting design reviews and updates
  • Designing system to system data transfer and integration process of all environments
  • Primarily remote
  • Current Security+ Certification
  • Experience working with Linux and Windows operating system, and operating system commands
  • Experience with DevOps/DevSecOps, Configuration as Code, Infrastructure as Code, and CI/CD implementation
  • Experience with Jira Xray Test Management plugin
  • Experience with big data applications
  • Strong awareness of networking and internet protocols
  • Understanding of network routing devices and network device configurations
  • Understanding of ITIL foundation or ITIL certified

Required Qualifications/Education/Experience

  • Must hold Security+ Certification within 30 days of start date
  • Experience with cloud-based AWS services / AWS enterprise implementations
  • Leadership experience including but not limited to technical project leadership, technical team management, first line management, and project management.
  • 5+ years of systems engineering experience
  • 5+ years of project planning experience
  • Experience testing, troubleshooting, and integrating COTS/GOTS software
  • Experience identifying and tracking related project task dependencies, risks & possible mitigations
  • Experience estimating level of effort (hrs/days/resources) to feed & update a projected project schedule
  • Experience with JIRA, Git repo and Confluence¬†

Required Security Clearance:  Secret

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